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Jean-Michel Jarre: ElectronicaElectronica
Amazing album from the French legend, including Erasure's Vincent Clarke
University at BuffaloUB Brand
Building an identity and brand strategy for the University at Buffalo
The ListThe List
UB 2014 Annual Progress Report wins National CASE Gold Award

The online scratch pad of Jeff Smith, code aesthetic serves as a snapshot of personal and professional interests and activities. A communications and marketing specialist, I have extensive experience in the design, development, and implementation of strategic initiatives that support and enhance institutional brands and reputations. I focus on maximizing creative output through engaged leadership, building collegial relationships, devising efficient production systems, and fostering collaboration. I have a passionate enthusiasm for, and commitment to, higher education and demonstrating the crucial role it plays in contributing to human progress.

With full-time professional and family commitments, and an addiction to media and popular culture, this site does not get updated as frequently as I would like... but I try. Questions? Ask!

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