Georgia Tech Office of the President Web Site
Georgia Tech's Office of the President Website (2011)

Site Design

I have an immense affection for Web site development, and I feel very fortunate to hold a position in which I'm able to work with individuals and institutions to create user-focused solutions for strategy-driven online communications. I've been involved in tons of projects over the years, and have selected a few notable endeavors below.

UB Identity and Brand Strategy Initiative (2016)

The University at Buffalo, in partnership with Marshall Strategy and Ologie, has begun an important initiative to identify the distinctive strengths of the university, with the goal of building a comprehensive identity and brand strategy upon those strengths.

The List: University at Buffalo Annual Progress Report (2014)

Designed to capture a year of progress at the University at Buffalo, this effort was recognized with a CASE National Circle of Excellence Gold Award in the "Institutional Relations Publications" category.

UB Web Managment System (2012)

Website for the University at Buffalo's Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) initiative, which decanal and administrative units the necessary tools and processes for the development, implementation, and management of strategy-driven approach online communications.

University at Buffalo (2011)

Winner of the Gold Award in the "Institutional Websites" category of the 2012 CASE National Circle of Excellence. This major redesign and re-architicting of the institution's website was launched as a signature site in the university's content management system built on the Adobe Experience Manager product.

Black & Black Surgical (2008)

A commercial surgical supply site, the design concept was handled by Bryan Nixon, backend database and e-commerce engine implemented by Fletcher Moore, I dealt with the front-end interface and coding.

FYI Technologies (2006)

Site redesign and rebrand for this maker of an imaging system for Orthodontists, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeons, and General Dentists.

Friendly Faces (2004)

This site is a resource for, and network of, individuals with facial differences, parents, families, friends, and health care professionals.

D-Day: Down to Earth—Return of the 507th (2004)

This site was assembled for the PBS documentary D-Day: Down to Earth—Return of the 507th, which accompanied a print piece in support of the film.

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